100Kin10 Project Team: Assessing the Systems that Perpetuate Opportunity Gaps

This Project Team's goal is to explore and assess ways in which schools and districts can identify and address systemic challenges leading to opportunity gaps in STEM education. Their members include Mathematical Practice Institute @ Education Development Center, Inc., Center for Children and Technology, Summit Trail Middle School, and Washington STEM.

Recognizing that much of the needed change is beyond the purview of teachers, this team previously created a diagnostic tool for use with school and district administrators to identify systemic challenges related to ensuring that all students are able to thrive, but this is not enough. During this cycle, this team would like to focus on how to better support teachers and school, district, and community leaders to assess the systems that perpetuate opportunity gaps in STEM based on race, ethnicity, gender, and disability. Specifically, the team aims to review existing tools and develop recommendations for what might else might be needed to close these gaps.