100Kin10 Project Team: Preparing Teachers to Support Digitally Literate Students (2019)

This Project Team's goal is to identify gaps and opportunities in preparing teachers to support students in becoming digital citizens. Their members include Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC), The Institute for School Partnership at Washington University, and the University of Indianapolis.

As technology continuously evolves, what it means to be a digital citizen also evolves. In order for teachers to support students to be good digital citizens, they must themselves be digitally literate. This team plans to identify the gaps and opportunities around digital literacy in teacher preparation -- to what extent are teachers’ digital literacy needs being considered in preparation? How can one create a structure of support that also allows for continuous change?

Based on these identified gaps and opportunities, the team may develop early recommendations around teacher preparation and/or policy change.

The project team has an interest in how this manifests in elementary teachers, but is open to the whole spectrum.