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Community Resources for Science

Berkeley, CA

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By 2021, we will...

Ensure 2,000 PK-8 teachers have access to timely information and personalized support to find resources they need for STEM teaching. We will provide frequent information bulletins that serve as a drumbeat reminding teachers to teach science, maintain up to date, open-source online resources for teachers to access 24-7, and pair that with individualized on-call consulting.

Ensure 600+ STEM professionals are mobilized and prepared to engage 15,000 children per year in inquiry and discovery experiences in PK-8th grade classrooms. These diverse, enthusiastic science role models will share about their own pathways into stem and inspire students to develop STEM literacy and imagine their own futures in STEM fields.

Engage an additional 400 teachers in professional learning, ranging from special events at local science and environmental education centers to week-long summer intensives involving field research alongside university researchers, so that teachers at all levels of confidence and experience can select professional learning experiences that are appropriate to their needs.

Is there anything else you intend to do to maximize your impact via the network?

Continue to develop our work in mutually-reinforcing partnerships that may benefit from the extensive measurement data we collect in order to produce research that can inform the STEM education field and strengthen the case for strong elementary science learning experiences as beneficial to students across the curriculum.

Continue to develop resources for training graduate students, post-docs, researchers, and those employed in STEM-related fields to be effective in facilitating inquiry and discovery with young learners. We will build new resources to deepen the capacity of these STEM professionals to share about their own research, about the process of scientific inquiry and engineering design thinking, as well as highlighting their own unique and diverse pathways in to STEM.