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Digital Harbor Foundation

Baltimore, MD

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By 2021, we will...

Support local, regional, and national school districts in identifying and evaluating high quality technology and computer science curriculum. We will create a network of resources that build teachers' capacity to identify and evaluate technology and CS curriculum and how it would benefit their students, as well as how to facilitate their students' journey through a learning pathway.

Train 300 K-12 educators with hands-on technology and engineering skills, tools, and mindsets. We will build a network of resources and peers that build teachers' capacity to deliver effective STEM education opportunities that encourage youth interest, skill development, and innovation.

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Work with university partners and school districts to develop PD opportunities for teachers during the school day based utilize science-based best practices for professional development and focus on high-quality technology and computer science education curriculum.

Disseminate findings from our research conducted with university partners on science-based best practices for technology and CS education and continue to work toward identifying tools for assessing learning in innovative ways.