New York City Department of Education

Brooklyn, NY

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By 2021, we will...

Offer a range of high-quality professional learning experiences that support integration of New York State Science Learning Standards and New York State Next Generation Mathematics Standards into teachers' instructional practice, and that integrate advanced literacy and culturally-responsive educational practices to advance equity in math and science learning for all students.

Partner with all field support office instructional leads to provide PK-5 teachers with high-quality, standards-aligned professional learning experiences in science and/or mathematics.

Have supported roll-out of standards-based core curricula for K-5 math and K-5 and 6-8 science for NYCDOE schools that have opted to use these curricula.

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Support our teachers through a range of differentiated, high-quality professional learning experiences that reflect current New York State science and mathematics standards' emphasis on doing, rather than learning about, math and science, and that encompass culturally-responsive approaches and the development of advanced literacy skills for all learners.

Support high-quality professional learning that expands and deepens elementary school teachers' facility in PK-5 standards-aligned science and math instructional practices, and that leverages expertise from multiple stakeholders to offer varied, current, and engaging experiences that will help teachers engage, challenge, and inspire every one of our youngest learners.

Actively support the implementation of selected core curricula in schools that have opted to use these resources, and to connect schools that have not selected to use recommended core curricula with additional math and science resources that are standards-aligned, culturally relevant, and conducive to the development of advanced literacy skills for all students.