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By 2021, we will...

Develop and test a new model for professional learning for teachers about how to effectively infuse computer science and computational thinking within elementary classrooms using a variety of coding resources.

Identify 100 schools that have sustainable systems and effective support models in place for leveraging PK-12 STEM teachers as peer coaches.

Poll 50,000 parents and families nationwide about their awareness of the importance of science, technology and engineering skills in the current and future job market and how parents and families are supporting their children's skill development and interest in science, technology and engineering, both in school and out of school.

Is there anything else you intend to do to maximize your impact via the network?

Partner with school districts and other organizations interested in CS/CT teacher capacitydevelopment to replicate this professional learning model in 25 diverse schools and communities nationwide and to use that experience to evaluate what is needed to support the model replication process in other schools and communities.

Develop a toolkit and rubric for evaluating the efficacy of school level systems and models for peer coaching by PK-12 STEM teachers and distribute that toolkit and rubric through key partners to support capacity building within schools and districts for peer-to-peer learning supporting STEM education goals.

Share this information nationally with our partners and policymakers to inform programs and initiatives around family engagement with STEM education and distribute locally disaggregated data from parents and families with their respective school district leadership to stimulate greater local emphasis and action around ways to help parents and families support and nurture their children's STEM development.