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The Chicago Academy of Sciences / Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Chicago, IL

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By 2021, we will...

Consistently partner with 500 teachers from 100 schools per year to engage diverse students in local-focused, nature-based STEM learning.

Design and document a series of professional development workshops for elementary school teachers that focus on how teachers guide students in problem solving and sense making based in local, real-world natural phenomena.

Begin to engage pre-service teachers in collaborations with their mentor teachers during the student teaching period, using our Science on the Go curriculum.

Is there anything else you intend to do to maximize your impact via the network?

Collaborate with other 100Kin10 organizations to help develop the best possible STEM teacher professional development and direct student education programs possible while utilizing unique Nature Museum resources and a focus on urban ecology and nature to democratize science education by bringing local, real-world objects into science classrooms.

Continue our high-quality teacher professional development education programs, and work on expanding them to include pre-service teachers in student teaching positions, which will enable us to address issues of teacher confidence and comfort in teaching science in even more effective ways through diverse partnerships and collective impact.

Bring our innovative suite of interlocking STEM teacher professional development workshops, curriculum materials, direct education modules, and field trip workshops to even more Chicago schools, and to continue to iteratively increase our program effectiveness.