100Kin10 Project Team: What Does a Positive Work Environment in Schools Really Look Like? (2020-2021)

January-June 2020

The “Teacher’s at Work” report provides an overview of best practices for supporting positive work environment in schools. Notably, it describes the responsibilities that school and district leaders have in creating such an environment. But what is really working in action, across a spectrum of schools that are finding success in this area? What strategies are working in practice? Where do the strategies come from and how are they enacted? What do administrator roles look like in schools that are successfully enacting these strategies? And finally, how different does success look across schools that vary demographically and/or geographically?

This project will explicitly use resources resulting from 2019 Project Teams “Measuring Positive Work Environment and Culture in Schools” and “Partnering with Schools to Nurture Positive Work Environment” to define and seed a repository of diverse case studies of schools finding success in building positive work environments. The result will serve as a resource for sharing strategies that are working in specific contexts, and an important consideration of this team will be how best to share this resource.

February-May 2021

This Community to together to discuss ideas and strategies around building positive work environments in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This project addresses the work environment catalyst, a 100Kin10 priority area. Learn more here.