100Kin10 Project Team: Collaboratively Developing Experiential Learning Activities in Science

This Project Team's goal is to build and pilot experiential learning opportunities in science with a cross-sector team. Their members include DSST Public Schools, School District of Hillsborough County, and University of Colorado, Boulder. 

Having access to robust experiential learning opportunities in science should be a given for all students. However, many young people graduate from high school only having “seen” science, and never having “done” it. This Project Team operates under a belief that by working together, schools and science-rich institutions can provide breakthrough experiential learning opportunities for teachers and students.

Last cycle, this returning Project Team designed and implemented Performance-Based Assessments in Science, and imagine that this work will be a complementary expansion on their previous work, although the exact focus and trajectory of the team will be co-designed by members when the Project Teams cycle kicks off.