100Kin10 Project Team: Developing Performance-Based Assessments in Science (2018)

Updated: October 4th, 2018

- Check out a webinar about this team's work.
- Download the write-up of this team's final project, a tool and set of resources to help learning institutions better understand and develop performance-based assessments to elevate student engagement and understanding in STEM subjects. You can click directly to this team's online assessment tool here.

This Project Team’s goal was to uncover the best practices in performance-based assessments in science in order to develop recommendations for those who’d like to design and implement them. Team members included folks from DSST Public Schools, CU Boulder, Hillsborough County Public Schools, and the NSTA/NCTM STEM Teacher Ambassadors Program.

Over the course of six months, this Project Team worked to identify current science practices that are best assessed via simulation, investigation, or other hands-on means; researched best practices and importance of performance-based assessment in science; collected best practices of teachers and districts that execute performance-based assessments well; created and pilot tested two performance-based assessments in partnership with the Fiske Planetarium; and developed recommendations for districts and states to include model performance-based assessments or tasks to integrate into assessments.