100Kin10 Project Team: Developing STEM Content Micro-Credentials (2018)

This Project Team works to explore available micro-credentials, identify gaps in the market, and take a stab at how to fill those gaps. Members include the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, ExpandED Schools, Ignited, Digital Promise, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, Barrington CUSD 220, Public Education & Business Coalition, Digital Promise, and NSTA/NCTM STEM Teacher Ambassadors.

It is clear that micro-credentials are an important force in post-secondary education and workforce development. However, the conversation around micro-credentials in teacher preparation has focused on pedagogical skills. There is a real opportunity to raise the field and the status of STEM teachers by focusing on content micros—something we know they can often feel insecure about.

This Project Team will take a very practical approach to advancing the conversation around micro-credentials by identifying the existing STEM content area micro-credentials currently available to teachers, identifying gaps in the current available micro-credentials, and identifying potential partners and plans for filling those gaps.