100Kin10 Project Team: Diversifying the STEM Teacher Pipeline (2019)

The diversity gap that exists in K-12 classrooms has no signs of diminishing unless we do something very different, at scale. Without this change, we are reinforcing an education structure that is not serving all students and has huge impacts on the diversity of all other sectors of our workforce. This Project Team's goal was to explore recruitment and pre-service support strategies to increase the diversity of the STEM teacher pipeline that are scalable and sustainable. 

The outcome of their work was a public website that is meant to be an on-going repository of best practices and profiles of those on the group implementing those strategies.  Members of this team included Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, National Center for Teacher Residencies, UC Santa Barbara, Teaching Channel, TNTP, University System of Maryland, and Western Governors University. 

If you would like to contact the team, please reach out to Allison Little (Assistant Commissioner of P16 Alignment and Outreach at MA Department of Higher Education).