100Kin10 Project Team: Filling Vacancies Quickly, with Quality (2019)

This Project Team's goal is to explore how to improve Transition to Teaching programs to better prepare effective STEM teachers. Their members include Fort Hays University, Academy for Urban School Leadership, USD 266 Maize, USD 363 Holcomb School District, Kansas State Department of Education, and University of Colorado - Colorado Springs. 

Schools across the country face teacher vacancies year after year, with especially deep need in the STEM subjects. One approach to quickly filling classrooms is to provide individuals with immediate access to a restricted license while they complete preparation requirements to become a fully licensed teacher— sometimes called a Transition to Teaching (T2T) program. However, many teachers who emerge from these programs struggle to adequately engage and instruct their students and ultimately leave the profession quickly. This Project Team will explore how to improve pathways that enable immediate or emergency certification in conjunction with pursuing full certification. The team will identify elements that are critical to success and make recommendations for all transition to teaching programs.