100Kin10 Project Team: High Quality STEM Teaching and Learning (2020-2021)

January-June 2020: Elementary Teacher Preparation with a STEM Focus

The training of elementary teachers traditionally focuses on reading and literacy skills. While teaching reading is a critical skill at the elementary level, research shows that early mathematics and science skills are a greater predictor of future school success. According to the report “Doing the Math” (2019), “too few elementary teachers receive the training and support they need to deliver joyful and authentic instruction to their students.” 

This project is recommending changes for elementary teacher preparation programs in order to prepare elementary teachers to increase their STEM content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge. The outcome of this project, a concept paper, suggests a revisit and reconceptualization of approaches needed to fit into an existing elementary program of study. This project enhances the practice needed for an elementary program with a STEM focus.

February-May 2021: Elementary Teacher Preparation with a STEM Focus

This Community came together to connect around preparing elementary teachers to increase their STEM content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge. 

They built upon the “Principles for Effective STEM Teaching for ALL Elementary Students” resource they designed in 2020. The team is utilizing Edpuzzles, an interactive video platform that prompts educators to reflect on each of the STEM Principles. They hope this method of engagement will encourage educators to reflect on ways to ensure that students from diverse backgrounds excel in elementary school math, and ultimately build 21st-century skills for successful entry into college and career pathways in STEM fields.

September-December 2021: High Quality STEM Teaching and Learning

The need for a STEM focus in elementary school is critical, especially for the Black, Latinx, and Indigenous students who have experienced a greater degree of missed instruction through the pandemic. This project builds on the work of the 2020-2021 Project Team “Elementary Teacher Preparation with a STEM Focus” to include both pre-service and in-service teachers to provide opportunities for reflection on high quality integrated STEM teaching practices. 

The outcome of this project includes teaching videos that help teachers create meaningful learning opportunities that integrate content and skill, develop critical thinkers, and increase problem solving skills. See the videos on their website!

This project addresses the foundational math catalyst, a 100Kin10 priority area. Learn more here.