100Kin10 Project Team: Improving High School STEM Through Diverse Teacher Recruitment and Retention (2021)

This Project Team is focused on increasing the diversity of the STEM education workforce in Northern California. The Project Team will engage in a rigorous research project to collect insights from underrepresented STEM teacher candidates and recent alum about their experiences during recruitment (what compelled them to choose teaching as a career, what supports did they have in making that choice, what barriers did they face), preparation (how did their program support their goals as BIPOC STEM educators, where did it fall short, how can it be improved), as well as experiences in the classroom (what assets do they bring, what supports will they need, how can schools/districts/IHEs support their development as STEM teacher leaders). 

Data gathered from these interviews and focus groups will be used to lay out a bold set of action steps for project team member organizations that can lead to meaningful impact. Ultimately, the goal is to increase the number and diversity of students enrolled in preparation programs and placed into districts with supports designed to improve retention of STEM teachers of color with the longer term aim of improving high school STEM experiences for students, particularly for students of color.