100Kin10 Project Team: Integrating Professional Growth Into the School Day (2019)

One of the biggest needs we hear from STEM teachers is for high-quality professional development. But finding relevant opportunities that are integrated into the school day continues to be challenging, if not impossible. 100Kin10’s Grand Challenges points to this work-environment issue – how to get teachers quality PD during the school day – as one of the areas with the greatest potential for impact across the system.  

This Project Team has explored how to integrate professional growth opportunities during the school day, with a focus on how professional development offerings can occur as a part of regular school-day operations. This project team has investigated how progressive teacher leadership roles and innovative school schedules and can evolve to accommodate and enable these offerings. 

If you would like to contact the team, please reach out to: Michael Odell (Roosth Chair in Education & Professor STEM Education at Ingenuity Center at the University of Texas at Tyler) and/or Jason Sullivan (Project Director at STEMteachersNYC).

This project addresses the work environment catalysts, a 100Kin10 priority area. Learn more here.