100Kin10 Project Team: Measuring Positive Work Environment and Culture in Schools (2019)

A positive work environment is associated with teacher retention and positive outcomes for students. As a first step toward understanding why STEM teacher turnover is highest in schools that serve students who are most in need, this Project Team investigated publicly viewable measures of the work environment. The Project Team analyzed 14 measures using an equity framework and determined the extent to which the measures addressed conditions that promote equity and positive working conditions. None of the measures analyzed addressed all of the equity framework’s domains. 

The Project Team set forth recommendations for researchers to better understand STEM teachers’ perceptions of the work environment. The Project Team also made recommendations for school and district leaders to promote the use of data to strengthen and nurture a positive work environment for STEM teachers. 

The Project Team members included representatives from the American Institutes for Research, Council of Chief State School Officers, California Academy of Sciences, Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA), Urban Schools Human Capital Academy, and Urban Education Institute and Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education at University of Chicago.

If you would like to contact the team, please reach out to: Teresa Mooney (Senior Program Associate at Council of Chief State School Officers) and/or Carrie Scholz (Principal Researcher at American Institutes for Research).

This project addresses the work environment catalysts, a 100Kin10 priority area. Learn more here.