100Kin10 Project Team: Supporting STEM Education in Rural Communities (2018)

Updated: October 25, 2018

- Check out a webinar about this team's work.
- Download the compilation of this team's final project, which includes video and audio interviews discussing experiences and challenges in rural STEM, and resources for rural STEM educators (like how to find funding, advocate for rural schools, and manage partnerships).
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This Project Team worked to collect and share best practices in supporting STEM education in rural communities. Members include the Colorado Geographic Alliance, Goochland County Public Schools, University of New Hampshire, US Department of Energy, Colorado Education Initiative, Fort Hays State University, WestEd, University of South Carolina, University of New Hampshire, Battelle, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Freeport McMoran, and University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

Organizations in this team have observed first-hand the challenges in bringing STEM education to rural communities. This team developed and deployed a survey to collect information about barriers and successes from entities running programs or projects that support pre-service and in-service STEM teachers working in rural areas. They then reviewed the survey results and identified stories as the best way to share perspectives and details about how to approach challenges to teaching STEM classes in rural areas.  Educators will be able to watch a video tale, gain a sense of how an individual or program is tackling a particular challenge, and link to tools that can be helpful in addressing that challenge.