100Kin10 Project Team: Strengthening Cross-system Collaboration (2019)

The New York City Department of Education has 1.1 million students served by staff supporting STEM instruction across several distinct offices. The challenges they face are shared by many large institutions: their work is siloed, and they are often unaware of each other's efforts.

In order to maximize the impact that STEM staff have on teacher and student outcomes, this Project Team formed to develop and pilot a process to bring together complementary stakeholders across large, siloed systems. 

This Project Team brought together stakeholders from organizations interested in exploring, developing, and piloting processes to bring together stakeholders across large, siloed systems. Team members include New York City Department of Education, Orange County STEM Initiative, Teach For America, and Washington STEM.

If you would like to contact the team, please reach out to Teneika Benn (Research & Development Specialist at New York City Department of Education), Anna Poole (STEM & Citywide Instructional Specialist – Secondary Science at New York City Department of Education), and/or Vickei Hrdina (Co-Director for the SW Washington STEM Network & Director of STEM Initiatives at Washington LASER).