100Kin10 Project Team: Supporting High School Teachers to Eliminate the Need for Remedial Math (2019)

This Project Team's goal is to develop strategies, tools, and tactics that support pre-service and in-service teachers to prepare high school graduates for college level mathematics. Their members include California State University, Charles A. Dana Center, Deer Valley High School, Discrete Math Project Collaborative, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, and Western Governors University.

If students are not college-ready when they matriculate they can often be stuck in a cycle of taking non-credit-bearing remedial courses in college -- which can slow, or in many cases totally derail their ability to earn a degree. Changes to California law will create a new landscape in which more high school students may take co-requisite and/or dual enrollment courses in order to be prepared for college-level math courses. 

This team explored how to support pre-service and in-service high school math teachers to teach co-requisite and/or dual enrollment courses.

If you would like to contact the team, please reach out to: Fred Uy (Professor of Mathematics Education at California State University).