100Kin10 Project Team: Supporting the Intentional Integration of Science and Engineering Practices (2020)

As we shift toward a student-centered approach to science education, teachers need more effective professional learning around integrating the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) more seamlessly into their curricula. While resources exist that introduce educators to the SEPs, teachers crave more models and tools to be able to intentionally incorporate these practices in an interconnected way into their disciplines. We explored, uncovered, and curated resources that support SEP integration and included them on this website. We identified gaps in what is currently available to teachers. 

In the future, we hope to create and add accessible professional development learning to our SEP resources site, including a video bank that shows what the practices look like in action.

If you would like to contact the team, please reach out to: Ilana Somasunderam (Science Education Manager, KQED) and/or Karyn Warner (STEAM Program Manager, CDE Foundation).