Catalyzing Change in Math Education: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities in Elementary and Beyond

Watch "Catalyzing Change in Math Education: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities in Elementary and Beyond", a recorded "Steal This" presentation from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Each and every child should experience mathematics in powerful ways to develop deep mathematical understanding that will support them as confident learners of mathematics. Through these experiences they are better able to understand and critique their world and experience the wonder, joy and beauty of mathematics. Teachers themselves need to experience mathematics in ways where they find that same wonder, joy and beauty. In this session participants will learn about National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)’s Catalyzing Change in Early Childhood/Elementary Mathematics: Initiating Critical Conversations initiative. We will discuss implications for teacher education and share examples of those engaged in this work, successes, challenges, and lessons learned. NCTM is committed to bringing together stakeholders in mathematics teacher education to explore models for these types of experiences. NCTM supports the education of both preservice and inservice teachers by providing instructional resources, models of effective teaching strategies, professional development opportunities and means for building and supporting learning communities that provide opportunities for effective mathematics teaching. This impacts student learning through equitable practices that reach each and every student and in particular students who are often marginalized in mathematics learning opportunities. Join in the critical conversation and let’s move to action.

Handout for this presentation can be found here.

Presenters: Trena Wilkerson (President) and David Barnes (Associate Executive Director), National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

Key themes: Systemic change in math education, preparing elementary teachers to teach STEM, policy and practices that support equity and access to mathematics 

This presentation may be especially interesting and valuable for anyone that works with elementary math education (teaching and learning) or has a role or stake in it and its connection to STEM education — such as policy makers, administrators, leaders, and classroom teachers.

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This video is part of our 2020 series of "Steal This" Sessions, in which partners share approaches and lessons learned with the broader 100Kin10 network to adapt and use to address the Grand Challenges in their own organizations and communities. Typically, "Steal This" Sessions take place at 100Kin10's Annual Partner Summit. Because we convened virtually for our 2020 Summit, partners are sharing their "Steal This" sessions as remotely self-recorded videos this year!