Math Anywhere! In Your Community…at Home!

Watch "Math Anywhere! In Your Community…at Home!", a recorded "Steal This" presentation from Educational Service District 112.

This presentation provides an overview of Math Anywhere!, a free public and family math program designed to bring the joy and authenticity of math in everyday spaces that families can enjoy together.

Presenters: Molly Daley, Regional Math Coordinator ( and Vickei Hrdina, Director of Career & STEM Initiatives (, Educational Service District 112 

Learn more on the AMTA website and in this additional short video.

Key themes: Playful math, family focused, place-based, community math, math education

This presentation may be especially interesting and valuable for classroom teachers, informal educators, and community-based organizations.

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This video is part of our 2020 series of "Steal This" Sessions, in which partners share approaches and lessons learned with the broader 100Kin10 network to adapt and use to address the Grand Challenges in their own organizations and communities. Typically, "Steal This" Sessions take place at 100Kin10's Annual Partner Summit. Because we convened virtually for our 2020 Summit, partners are sharing their "Steal This" sessions as remotely self-recorded videos this year!