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California Academy of Sciences

San Francisco, CA

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By 2021, we will...

Deliver high quality, in-person STEM professional development to over 800 teachers from over 100 zip codes in California, reaching over 60,000 students.

Ensure that 100% of our teacher professional development workshops and institutes will include an adult level active STEM learning experience for the teachers, with instruction on how to replicate and adapt this experience in their classrooms with their students.

Have engaged 28 school districts in the Bay Area with district level professional development focused on STEM, and created and distributed 450 NGSS aligned supplementary curricular materials online.

Is there anything else you intend to do to maximize your impact via the network?

In order to train and retain high quality STEM teachers in a way that prioritizes equity of access, our professional development offerings need to reach every teacher in a school or a district. Therefore, we have prioritized continuing to expand our geographic reach of the teachers and districts in California that we serve through our in-person institutes, district-wide trainings, and individual workshops. Membership in 100Kin10 will allow us to coordinate and partner with other organizations to better target on a regional level which districts and teachers are underserved, and to ensure that we reach our target goal of 28 districts.

In order for STEM teaching to be effective, and STEM learning to be relevant, teacher professional development needs to leverage best practices in adult learning, to ensure that the active STEM learning we desire for all our students is modeled for and supported by our teachers. That's why the Academy will ensure that 100% of our teacher professional development offerings incorporate adult learning principles and inquiry-based STEM learning activities, lessons, and units that can be successfully implemented by teachers in their classrooms. We also intend to systematically incorporate the latest scientific discoveries of our Academy scientists into our active STEM experiences to bring to life the relevance of ongoing scientific discovery to the audiences we serve.

The ubiquity of online tools, coupled with the power of digital media to visualize complex science and environmental phenomena, represents an opportunity to provide STEM teachers with modular, grade-level, and standards-aligned materials. The Academy, leveraging our scientific and digital media production expertise, has taken up this challenge and intends to continue to create multilingual STEM courses, classroom videos, interactives, lesson plans, virtual field trips, and teacher training delivered on Academy channels and partner platforms. We will continue to offer these resources for free to teachers across the globe via our partners, and to our 100Kin10 members.