Educational Service District 112 - Student and School Success

Vancouver, WA

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By 2021, we will...

Credential 60 elementary teachers who are trained in delivering student-focused integrated STEM instruction, and partner with local districts to hire, place and mentor these teachers in their first years.

Continue to develop, adapt and revise K-5 integrated STEM instructional materials leveraging highly impactful instructional routines, teacher expertise and local phenomena and make these materials available as open education resources to support implementation of NGSS.

Engage 18 school districts in equity-focused strategic planning for STEM implementation, develop and share materials and resources to support strategic planning in other parts of the state and country, and support partners in facilitating K-12 STEM strategic planning in their contexts.

Is there anything else you intend to do to maximize your impact via the network?

Collaborate with other agencies statewide and nationally to identify common barriers to quality STEM professional development that we observe in our system, and refine solutions to removing these barriers that are informed and monitored data. We will directly prompt districts for their self-identified needs and develop communicate tools to share our work and help guide districts to knowledge-informed decisions.

Share our approach to 'grow your own' teacher credentialing programs with the intent of being active listeners responsive to critical feedback to better shape a program that meets teacher preparation goals and can be scaled.

Study with great intensity the emotionally resonant purposes for engaging ALL elementary students in culturally-relevant STEM instruction, revise our current programs with this knowledge in mind.