Galileo Learning

Oakland, CA

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By 2021, we will...

Recruit, train, and employ a total of 1000+ current and aspiring educators to teach innovation education skills through active summer learning experiences, with at least 30% focusing specifically on elementary science and engineering. Once in their school-year classrooms, these teachers will have ongoing access to our signature teaching model, as well as tools for application.

Design 7-10 new science/engineering curriculum course packs that are age-specific and focused on increasing teachers' abilities to teach the higher-order thinking skills essential to effective STEM learning.

Create 10+ resources and/or guides to be distributed to our database of 200,000+ families on reasons and ways to support their children's science, technology, and engineering learning.

Is there anything else you intend to do to maximize your impact via the network?

Become more integrated in an educational ecosystem with schools, districts and community organizations in which we can more readily share our training expertise and resources through consultation and support.

Partner with 3-5 schools or programs to explore how integrating these course packs (or elements of them) into their programs can support elementary STEM educators in building skills in delivering and creating high-quality lessons.

Invest in supporting parents' understanding of the value of science, technology, and engineering, and how their advocacy can lead to high-impact change in our country's school systems.