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Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance

Augusta, ME

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By 2021, we will...

Provide accessible high quality PD to at least 500 rural educators throughout Maine to implement next generation science learning in all schools.

Complete a needs assessment of educators throughout the state that documents the access and type of PD in STEM they currently have access to, what their STEM PD needs are, and the models for PD delivery that best suit those needs.

Develop partnerships between at least 50 STEM experts in rural communities and the teachers from those communities to learn about each other's work and generate STEM learning experiences to increase the sense of STEM identity in rural communities.

Is there anything else you intend to do to maximize your impact via the network?

Work closely with teacher leaders from across the state to design and then co-lead high quality PD. By supporting and collaborating with educators while facilitating their development into teacher leaders and change-makers is the path to attain this goal.

Work collaboratively with higher education, researchers, and professional organizations across the state to design, implement, and analyze a landscape study/needs assessment that provides a clear picture of next generation science teaching in classrooms today and the PD strategies that can increase access and quality.

Create a network of STEM experts and organizations in rural communities across Maine that are eager to partner and collaborate with K-12 educators to increase the sense of STEM identity in rural communities - exciting STEM careers can happen right in your home-town.