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The STEM Education Center at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester, MA

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By 2021, we will...

Expand our reach to more schools/districts with our Strategic STEM Integration program, while also deepening the impact by incorporating systems dynamics modeling techniques and tools for schools/districts to help guide strategic decisions.

Implement a coordinated plan for teacher preparation faculty to purposefully develop, use, and call out inclusive and active learning instructional strategies and formative assessment techniques in their teacher preparation courses.

Elevate the prestige of the K-12 teaching profession at a STEM-focused research institution and with students' families, and thereby increase the number of math/science/engineering college graduates that become middle and high school STEM teachers.

Is there anything else you intend to do to maximize your impact via the network?

Collaborate with other institutions to train more PD providers in implementing the Strategic STEM Integration program that inherently involves strategic planning and PD at schools with teachers and administrators together during the day.

Collaborate with our Teacher Prep faculty to develop a coordinated plan to purposefully use and call out inclusive and effective teaching strategies during their courses. With reflections and intentional planning, the Teacher Prep students will utilize a video capture and feedback platform for their practices with these teaching strategies in authentic settings.

Create a marketing and recruitment plan (based on PhysTEC resources) that highlights the societal benefits of strong STEM teachers. By highlighting the needs and outcomes of teachers, we will hold public information sessions for faculty/staff and students, and will seek funding for scholarships and loan forgiveness through grants, foundations, alumni, and donors.