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Small World Initiative

New York, NY

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By 2021, we will...

Recruit, train, and mentor STEM instructors from more than 150 new schools and hold at least five weeklong STEM instructor training workshops. We will ensure that at least 50% of these STEM instructors are from talent pools historically underrepresented in STEM fields or are teacher preparation faculty.

Provide active learning experiences, support, professional development, opportunities, and resources to STEM instructors at more than 450 schools and reach all 50 states.

Design, pilot, and provide active learning experiences focused on pressing real-world problems in five additional STEM disciplines. We will incorporate these experiences into our STEM instructor trainings and make them available online.

Is there anything else you intend to do to maximize your impact via the network?

Identify and partner with similar training programs and organizations who have developed active learning experiences to exchange learnings and data about what is and is not working and expand our offerings.

Coordinate efforts with organizations targeting STEM instructors from talent pools historically underrepresented in STEM fields (e.g., women, minorities, socioeconomically disadvantaged).

Share, feature, and amplify the powerful stories of impacted STEM instructors and their students and include their voices on our Advisory Council by doubling its size.